OnPhone VOIP Telephony

OnPhone is fully managed VOIP phone service. It gives you access to all features of a Enterprise PABX, for a small business price tag. We believe in the quality of OnPhone, our service is backed by a Money Back Guarantee.


PABX Phone System

30 Day Money Back

600 Free Minutes Per Month
Local, national & selected countries

Simple, Real-Time Billing
To the nearest sec/cent

Fully Managed Service
100% local support

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OnPhone Built on Asterisk & Free PBX

OnNetworks Exclusive

OnPhone +

PABX Phone System & Teleworking

30 Day Money Back

600 Free Minutes Per Month
Local, national & selected countries

Simple, Real-Time Billing
To the nearest sec/cent

Fully Managed Service
100% local support

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OnPhone Built on Asterisk, Free PBX Exclusively with OnOffice

OnPhone Product Specifications

 Money Back Guarantee!^ OnPhone 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
 Server Dimensions 190 x 149 x 26 mm
 Power Consumption 24W
 Monthly Free Minutes * 600
 Number of Extensions Unlimited
 Auto Attendant (IVR) Unlimited
 OnOffice Teleworking $
 1 x OnOffice Remote $
 Intel Inside
 Gigabit LAN
 Wi-Fi 802.11n
 IP Based Trunks
 Keep Existing Numbers
 HD Voice
 Real Time Call Logging
 Tracking & Charge Codes
 Time of Day Programming
 Ring/Hunt Groups
 Company Directory
 Caller ID
 Redial & Transfer Handling
 Speed & Single Digit Dialing
 Voice Mail
 Voice Mail to Email
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The OnPhone VOIP phone service comes with all of the extension features that you would expect from a modern telephony system such as call forward busy, no answer, do not disturb, call waiting, message waiting, and many more. You can choose to have them at no additional cost. The best part – is if you are upgrading your system you get to keep your existing phone number!


The OnOffice Remote uses our unique technology to bridge the wider network at Layer 2. This means that workers in a remote fixed location can work as though they are in the Office with you. Our technology is unique to OnNetworks and only works with the OnPhone PABX Server. OnOffice is truly plug & play, requiring zero configuration by the end user.

If you have a staff member that works from home periodically, you can provide them with an OnOffice Remote, company computer, and phone. At home the staff member simply plugs into their home network and OnOffice does all the work by bridging the internet to connect back to your Office LAN… You can call their direct dial extension, allow access to file or print servers. As far as your network is conceded they are in the Office!

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^ Terms and conditions apply learn more..

* Monthly free minutes are available for fixed line calls only to NZ National, Australia, United States, Canada, UK & Ireland.

Features & Benefits

Scale Your Business

Scales easily… OnPhone gives you the power to scale up or down services inline with your company’s needs. Unlike some other providers we have one PBX configuration that gives each of our customers access to all features for a flat monthly cost.

Real time billing

Real time billing… Track your activity and costs in real time any time by accessing the OnView customer portal. OnPhone makes bill time easy, allowing you to extract your monthly call data into a spread sheet at the click of a button.

Save on Office Space

Save on office space… Upgrade your OnPhone service to include our unique, pioneering OnOffice Teleworking. Place your staff where you need them or in remote fixed locations. Allow users full & secure access back to your network.

IVR & Automated Attendant

Interactive Response (IVR)… Allows call handling automatically and provides a notification service, updates and task logging without involving staff’s time. Direct your customers to the right department, person, or take a message.

Unified Messaging

Smart Unified Messaging…. Stop logging into voicemail to receive messages from yesterday. OnPhone can take a message and deliver it to the user’s email account in real time. This means your messages are delivered to your smart phone or tablet.

Telephony PBAX

Tariffs to the nearest second / cent!… Unlike some Telcos we do not round up your call charges to the nearest minute. Attractive standard calling rates billed to the nearest sec/cent combined with realtime billing accessible on the web.

Time of Day Programming

Time of Day Programming (TOD)… OnPhone can keep your business active or open 24/7. TOD allows you to tell the system to handle calls, take messages, provide customers information depending on the time of week or day.

Call Centre Services

Call Centre Services… Improve your support or sales performance by providing a professional system to your staff. Set up hunt groups to improve your drop out rates and ensure that your customers get to the service they need fast!

HD Voice

High Definition Voice… The OnPhone system is HD Voice aware, allowing HD Voice devices to be connected to OnPhone. Our voip phone service can the full spectrum of human speech tones to be transmitted crystal clear between VOIP users.