These are the Product Specific Terms for OnPhone Telephony (“Services”). OnNetworks Standard Terms & Conditions also apply. Please read them carefully as they contain exclusions of liability and also include additional indemnities from you to OnNetworks.

1. Hardware, you may rent or purchase outright hardware from OnNetworks. You may also provide your own hardware however this will not be supported OnNetworks.

2. The total cost of our OnPhone hardware & installation (excluding GST) is listed in your contract. The minimum term for rental of hardware supplied by OnNetworks is 12 months. Subject to that minimum term, you will be liable to OnNetworks for any unpaid portion of that Service for the remainder of the term.

3. Never interfere with equipment you rent from us or with any part of the network, even if it is on your property; only people we authorise may work on the equipment or on the network.

4. Let us or any of our agents or subcontractors come on to your property to work on the network or anything connected to it. (We will always try to contact you before we do this and the people we send will carry proof of identity. If you do not grant access to your property, this may impact on the Service you or others receive from us, including our ability to provide you with the relevant Service.)

5. Make sure all telephone sockets and wiring which connect equipment you have to the network meet and are installed to our specifications. (A standard telephone line can normally have up to five items of equipment directly connected to it.)

6. Pay for repairing or replacing any equipment you rent from us which is lost, stolen or damaged.

7. Take any equipment you rent from us with you if you change your primary place of business.

8. Return any equipment you rent from us when you give up or we stop providing the rental service, unless we agree otherwise. If you don’t return the equipment, we may charge you rental for it.

9. Faulty Hardware, in the event that hardware is deemed faulty you agree;

(a) that where you are renting the hardware from OnNetworks, on inspection OnNetworks will repair or replace any faulty or defective hardware at no additional cost, subject to OnNetworks & its Suppliers Terms & Conditions.

(b) that where OnNetworks has purchased the hardware ‘out right’ on your behalf, OnNetworks will repair or replace any faulty or defective hardware at no additional cost for up to 12 Months from the date of purchase.

(c) if you have purchased the hardware from a Third Party Supplier without the involvement of OnNetworks, you are solely liable for all repair or replacement costs.

10. Standard calling costs, are listed in your contract and amended from time to time, in accordance with our standard terms & conditions.

11. All call are charged are on a per minute basis. After the first minute of a calls = duration additional duration charges will be rounded up to the nearest 1 second or 1 Cent.

12. Calls to International Cellular or Satellite Phones are excluded from any ‘free’ monthly minutes to Local Fixed Line, National & International 1 Countries listed in your contract.