These are the Product Specific Terms for OnLocation co-location & data centre services. OnNetworks Standard Terms & Conditions also apply. Please read them carefully as they contain exclusions of liability and also include indemnities from you to OnNetworks.

1. OnLocation Services are provided under specific contract only. OnNetworks will maintain the integrity of the Facility, including security, power, networking and air-conditioning equipment, to the best if its ability.

2. The minimum term & total cost of our OnLocation Services (excluding GST) are listed in your contract. If you have a fixed contract period, you will be liable to OnNetworks for any unpaid portion of that Service for the remainder of the minimum term.

3. Access to data-centre facilities will only be granted to authorised personal at the sole discretion of OnNetworks. In addition you agree:

(a) To only house equipment in the Facility that meets all applicable safety and regulatory standards.

(b) To follow any and all instructions provided by the OnNetworks while working within or relating to equipment placed within the Facility

(c) To not leave any potential hazards to persons or equipment in the Facility and to take all appropriate care when working within the Facility.

4. Power usage, the customer agrees to limit the power usage to within the following power limits:

(a) One amp per server for individual servers

(b) Ten amps per cabinet for dedicated cabinets

5. Rubbish, Packing materials and other waste must be removed from the Facility. Such materials left on site may be disposed of and such disposal charged for by OnNetworks at our sole discretion.

6. Confidentiality, you agree that information relating to any party obtained from within the Facility by you or your representatives but not intentionally disclosed by that party is to be regarded as confidential to that party. You accept liability for damage or loss from using or disclosing that information.

7. In addition to the Indemnity specified in the Standard Terms & Conditions, you agree to accept any and all liability for any damage or loss suffered by OnNetworks and/or any other affected party, including but not limited to:

(a) fire, smoke or water damage

(b) damage to other equipments

(c) charges for emergency services call-outs and damage caused by emergency services personnel in responding to such call-outs;

(d) charges for call-outs performed by the OnNetworks or other parties; and

(e) consequential business loss.

As a result of:

(a) unauthorised interference with equipment, cabling, power supply or other facilities not belonging to you by your or your representative, whether intentional or not;

(b) failure of any of the your equipment within the Facility;

(c) excessive power usage by the your equipment;

(d) triggering of safety cutout devices; or

(e) negligence by the you or your representatives.