The perfect teleworking service for companies with multiple offices, contractors or staff that work from remote locations. Exclusive to OnNetworks, OnOffice provides users a secure, plug & play VPN service that requires no software installation!


OnOffice Remote, dimensions 167 x 167 x 29 mm

Un-install your old VPN Software and join the teleworking revolution. OnOffice is a fully managed remote teleworking solution that will allow you to put staff where you need them or connect multiple office locations quickly and easily.

Only devices plugged into OnOffice remote will be able to bridge the wide area network (WAN) to your your office LAN. This means that others at the staff member’s location can continue to surf the internet on their network without the risk of breaching your security.

OnOffice can also provide 2 factor authentication using a unique USB key that will stop anyone using the remote unless the key is plugged in. In the event that an OnOffice is lost, a contract is terminated, or a staff member leaves your company, disabling access for an OnOffice Remote is as simple as ticking a box.

OnNetworks Exclusive


Plug & Play Teleworking

No Software Required!

Ethernet Ports
2 LAN & 1 VOIP

Wi-Fi Enabled

2 Factor Authentication
On Request

Fully Managed Service
100% local support

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Features & Benefits

Scale Your Business

Scales with your business…OnOffice requires no end user configuration just plug it in and start working! OnOffice also gives you the power to scale your companies resources without having to look for new office space and also place the resources where you need them to be. This could be onsite with a customer, at home or even in another city.

Disaster Recovery

Keep working in a disaster… The OnOffice product was incepted from our CEO’s experiences during the Christchurch earthquakes. Keep your business going in the invent of a disaster by allowing your employees to work remotely. Don’t scramble for office space if the walls come down, get your business back online straight ASAP.


Secure, reliable measurable… with OnOffice, the remote user is connected to your LAN & OnPhone PABX and will appear as a normal user does on your network, meaning you are able to monitor activity & costs. Combined with the option for 2 Factor Authentication you can rest assured the network is secure.