OnNetworks Wellington based data centre provides you  with a secure, affordable server colocation service for small to medium business. Perfect for file servers or as a remote location for online back up servers.


Server Colocation

Monthly Cost Includes
1-5U, Public IP & Ethernet Port

Our Machine Room
Climate Control, UPS, Diesel Generator

Additional Services
KVM Console, IP Addresses, Ports, DNS

Data Sheet

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OnLocation +

Colocation & Connectivity

Internet Traffic Included

Monthly Cost Includes
1-5U, Public IP, Ethernet Port

Our Machine Room
Climate Control, UPS, Diesel Generator

Additional Services
KVM Console, IP Addresses, Ports, DNS

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OnLocation Features & Benefits

With OnNetworks you can choose from one of our shared web hosting plans or go pro with OnLocation. We will provide rack space for server colocation from within our own Wellington based data centre. Our colocation service is affordable and flat monthly fees start from space for 1-5U including a Public IP and 1 ethernet port.


Secure & reliable… Hosted in our secure data centre with On-site security, UPS, back-up diesel generator and multiple redundant internet connections helps keep your important hardware safe and secure.

Cloud Storage

Usage in the Cloud… To make life easy we don’t charge for data transfer, our network is governed by a Fair-Share usage policy. This means you know your costs on a monthly basis, choose a stand alone server or server + traffic bundle.

Value Affordable

Affordable and Value Packed…  have charge flat rate per server hosting from 1-5U! charges include a static IPv4 address and ethernet port as well as a 1 amp per server power allowance or 10 amps per cabinet.

Scale Your Business

Scalable Services… colocation can grow with your business or application without the expense of setting up your own server room. We have rack space available to scale with your business needs at really competitive prices.

Domains & DNS

Domains & DNS… With OnLocation we can also host your domain name using our OnHost platform keeping all you services in one place. This means that you don’t need to be a technical whizz to create and manage your domain hosting.

Lots of Tools

Technical Support… When the brown hits the fan we are available for emergency call outs (fees apply). Business hours access is by appointment, book in access by emailing service@on.net.nz or 0508 2 GETON.