Don Stokes, Director Technology

Don Stokes

Director Technology

Don has been working in information technology since 1982, programming small microcomputers. He grew up in 1986, with his first permanent full-time role dealing with DEC pdp11 and and VAX equipment as an applications programmer at Datacom Systems Ltd, and later as a systems programmer for the Government Printing Office, a role that increasingly involved computer networking with many external sites running many different operating systems.

In 1992, Don took the newly created position of Network Manager at Victoria University of Wellington. VUW was also the Wellington hub of the then embryonic Internet in NZ, and he saw this as the perfect opportunity to get directly involved in the development of the Internet in the region, managing the transition from a set of grace and favour relationships to a commercial Internet services provider. This operation was re-launched in 1995 as NetLink, and Don managed all technical operations until his departure in 1997.

From 1997 onward, Don operated a private consultancy. With John Rumsey, he formed Knossos Networks Ltd in 2001 to service customers that required greater coverage than could be provided on his own, and in August 2003, committed full time to Knossos. In 2013 Don was made a Fellow of the New Zealand Internet society for his years of service and key contributions to the development of NZ’s internet and domain infrastructure.

John Rumsey, Director of Consulting Services

John Rumsey

Director Consulting Services

John specialises in network services, and management of OpenVMS, Unix and open source systems. Since 1978 he has been working in systems programming, management, software development & testing, database administration, and network management. John heads up the consultancy side of Knossos & OnNetworks as a repeated member of the NZ Technology community. The role allows John to work with and focus on big customers with big needs.

John has held senior positions in several companies including Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand Forestry Service, Computertime Ltd and Quorum Computing Limited. John formed Knossos Networks Ltd with Don Stokes in 2001 and started working for the company full time in 2003.


James Webster, Director Sales & Marketing

James Webster

General Manager

James came to us from Globally ranked domain & hosting company Melbourne IT (MLB). In his previous role as Product Manager Hosting & Cloud Solutions, James controlled a portfolio of web based services delivered to hundreds of thousands of small businesses from 3 data centres around the World. In the Summer of 2010 Tier 1 Research ranked his platform the 5th largest mass market host on the planet for revenue generation.

James is an SMB Market Specialist bringing 10 years experience in web based design, product marketing, development & ecommerce to the team. As Head of Sales & Marketing his key drivers are to establish direct, referral, wholesale and web sales channels to take OnNetworks products to the market.

James’s goal is to make some big waves in the NZ ISP market place. With a product suite ranging from SaaS & PaaS to Fibre & Infrastructure as well as some of the brightest minds in the business, James is here to kick some goals and engage an ever growing customer base. Connect with James on LinkedIn to learn more about OnNetworks Products & Services.