16 December

SPAM Voice Mail Emails

We all know that sometimes SPAM can also be sinister rather than just annoying by targeting systems we use everyday. Our Operations Team has recently captured messages claiming to be voice mail to email messages, the messages come with a .ZIP attachment which could contain malware. What does a fake email look like? What does an OnPhone email look like? […]

17 April

Easter Holiday Hours

No doubt most of you will be packing up the family and trying to find a place relax! Please note that our office hours are 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday and excluding public holidays. During the Easter Holidays 2014 we will be open on the following days between April 18th and 28th.. Friday 18th […]

10 April

Email Password Reset & Retrieval

Learn how to reset or retrieve a password for a POP or IMAP email account using the OnHost dashboard.

10 April

OnPhone Call Records

Learn how to access and retrieve your OnPhone call records and charges for current and previous months.

10 April

Accessing & Navigating OnHost

Accessing your OnHost account, learn how to navigate the different features of your website hosting and email plan

10 April

Billing Information

Learn how you can access your billing records, get a balance or retrieve invoices from OnView using our Xero integration

10 April

Domain user logins

Learn about Domain logins and the features that they control in the OnView account

10 April

Mail Settings & Email Forwarding

Learn how to forward and email from your domain name to another domain name

10 April

Configuring FTP Clients

Learn how to configure an FTP Client to upload files to your website hosting account

10 April

Website Hosting Settings

Learn about how to find and change the settings for your website hosting using the OnHost dashboard within OnView

10 April

Creating an Email Account

Learn how to create POP, IMAP email accounts and Mail Aliases using your OnHost plan.

10 April

Internet Usage & Traffic Reporting

Learn how to access your internet traffic reporting and manipulate the graph to show information.

10 April

Database & Application Installs

Learn how install an open source app such as WordPress, Drupal or SilverStripe using our one click installation process. You can also use this tool to configure a MySQL database for an application you have built from scratch

10 April

Changing your Admin Password

Learn how to change your OnView Administrator Password

10 April

Administration Logins

Learn more about your administration login and how to access services in OnView.

17 January

Looking for Free Software?

Answer: OnNetworks & Knossos Networks Ltd are heavily involved in the use of open source software. Although we have to eat, and therefore much of what we write remains proprietary, we feel we need to give at least some of what we do back to the OSS community.The following software is made available by our staff:dterm: […]

17 January

How do I create a secure ‘https’ URL from my website?

Answer: You need to install an SSL Certificate. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, Your hosting plan has a socket or plug that allows you to install a Certificate that will encrypt / secure information that is submitted to your website. If you go to secure website with an SSL Certificate installed you will see […]

17 January

Where can I find support for pre-configured web applications?

Answer: Although we provide you quick access to a number of popular open-source tools we do not provide free end user support for the applications themselves. If you need user support please referencing the following sites: phpMyadmin = http://sourceforge.net/p/phpmyadmin/discussion/Help/ WordPress = http://wordpress.org/support/ Drupal = http://drupal.org/support ZenCart = http://www.zen-cart.com/forum.php OSCommerce = http://forums.oscommerce.com SilverStripe = http://www.silverstripe.org/help-and-support/ SMF […]

17 January

How do I install WordPress on my ROOT domain?

Answer: The answer is yes you can! On the application installation page simply leave the field “Install Directory’ blank and your new blog pages will display when a user browses www.yourdomain.com. If you install WordPress using the default directory of ‘/wordpress’ users will need to visit ww.yourdomain.com/wordpress to view your blog. …. Pressed by, OnNetworks Service […]

17 January

How do I install web applications to a host?

Answer: Your hosting package comes with a range of web applications that are ready to install. They can help you build & deploy websites, e-commerce stores, wiki’s, forums and more fast without any technical know how! Installing an Application.. Simply select from the list of pre-configured installations that we have available or if you have […]