SPAM Voice Mail Emails

Posted by on Dec 16, 2014 in Frequently Asked Questions, Telco

We all know that sometimes SPAM can also be sinister rather than just annoying by targeting systems we use everyday.

Our Operations Team has recently captured messages claiming to be voice mail to email messages, the messages come with a .ZIP attachment which could contain malware.

What does a fake email look like?


What does an OnPhone email look like?


  1. The email address your voice mail is sent from will always be from ‘OnPhone’.
  2. The subject line will always give your extension/mailbox in the subject line.
  3. The email will include the phone number the call was received from.
  4. The format of the voice mail attachment will be a .WAV file and will not be .ZIP

A real message in message bank of your OnPhone System is also accessible via the Voice Mail menu item on your desk phone.