.NZ Domain Names Launch 30 September 2014

Posted by on Sep 23, 2014 in Around the web, Small Business

From 1pm on the 30th of September 2014 you will be allowed to register nz domain names directly before the .nz! For example if you have already have yourdomain.co.nz (or .net.nz, org.nz, gen.nz, kiwi.nz, .geek.nz etc..) you will now have the opportunity to register yourdomain.nz

How do I find out the status of a name?

The availability status of names is set by the .nz Registry who will return one of the following results:

  • ‘Available’ means the name is available to register and an authorised .nz Registrar can register the new name for you.
  • ‘Preferential Reservation Registration’ (PRR) means that the holder of the longer version ‘anyname.co.nz’ will be given first opportunity to register or reserve the name.
  • ‘Conflicted’ means there are 2 different registrants that qualify for PRR e.g. you have the .co.nz and someone else has the .net.nz version of the name so it is conflicted.
  • ‘Prohibited’ means the name is unavailable to register by anyone.

What do you need to do?

What ever you choose to do you have from 1pm 30th of September 2014 until 1pm 30th March 2015 to make your decision known, or the name will be made available for general registration:

  • If there is a new name you would like to register that is ‘available’ submit an enquiry here or call 0508 2 GET ON (0508 243 866).
  • If you already have yourname.co.nz and the status of yourname.nz is ‘PRR’ you can make your intention known to register or reserve the name.
  • If your name is ‘conflicted’ then you must follow the process the conflicted names process on the anyname.nz website.

If you name status is PRR the .nz variation of your existing domain name is being held until you make your intention known. You can either choose to register the name or reserve it for up to 2 years if you are unsure if you want it.

How much will it cost?

If you would like OnNetworks to register .nz name we can do so in conjunction with our OnHost website and email hosting services. Simply call our Team toll free 0508 2 GET ON (0508 243 866) to learn more.

DNS Only


per name / per year
.nz Domain & DNS.

Ready Hosting


per name / per year
.nz Domain, Website Hosting & 5 Emails.

Prices are NZD excluding GST, OnNetworks Terms & Conditions apply. Due to the first come first served nature of a domain name registration we are unable to guarantee success.