OnNews Issue 3

Posted by on Sep 23, 2013 in OnNews, Telco, Ultra Fast Broadband

Welcome to the Third Issue of OnNews. In this issue we talk to Kevin Vincent Director at Vincent Nugent Associates about Leadership in the SME space and we have a special offer for existing customers! This month we are bringing you some free advice and some great offers for you and your colleagues. At OnNetworks we are offering our extensive experience in Internet & Telecommunications services to help SME’s collaborate and communicate better with their customers. The infrastructure that helps you communicate is a core layer, however not the only layer in the cake.

Our shoutout in September! Leadership is one of the most important topics in New Zealand today, and not just in the political arena. We reached out to our colleagues at Vincent Nugent Associates who specialise in business improvement consultation, training and delivery to talk about leadership within the SME space. As a Director, Kevin Vincent, has over 30 years of experience in management as a GM & CEO. We asked Kevin to talk to us about leadership qualities and molding them within yourself and your team. You can read the full article on the OnNetworks blog.

Kevin Vincent on becoming a “Team Leader”
September 2013

The futurist Alvin Toffler (1980) described the organisation of the future as “The Third Wave”: …. As we shift to the new principles and begin to apply them together, we are necessarily led to wholly new kinds of organisations for the future. Third Wave organisations have flatter hierarchies. They are less top heavy. They consist of small components linked together.

If we take Toffler’s point of view as accepted, then we see individual contributions coming as a result of understanding how our efforts work with others, how we integrate those efforts, and how we take on board others points of view and then focus on a single performance objective. In short, our contributions increasingly will come as a result of our ability to understand teamwork and teams…. Continue Reading

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