In a crisis work from home!

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When all hell breaks loose, work from homeThis article was originally published on FairFax Wellington Business Reporter Jazial Crossley talks to our Head of Sales & Marketing James Webster about how OnPhone, OnNet and OnOffice could have helped Wellington weather the recent disruptions caused by bad weather.

When its Christchurch staff were cut off from the office during the earthquakes, OnNetworks created services that would support working remotely for workers and employers.

The distance-working service was developed by 13-year-old communications company Knossos, which has staff in Wellington and Christchurch. It’s OnPhone for telephones and PC-linked headsets diverts calls from the office to someone’s home phone and can record all calls creating a live-call log, so call centre and sales staff managers can see up-to-date records.

Its OnNet service enables internet connectivity for people working from home by linking to OnNetworks’ internet service so staff are not eating away at their personal broadband. Using both services makes it appear to colleagues and clients that the person is still in the office when they may be held up from commuting because of bad weather or housebound caring for a sick child Continue Reading on Stuff…

By using our unique OnOffice teleworking solution we allow employees that need to work remotely the ability to bridge the NZ Network & connect to the internet via their Companies OnNet Connection. As discussed in a recent post “Teleworking extending your LAN across the WAN” our staff use this technology everyday to work from home or remote locations.

So how does it work? By leveraging a combination of our core internet and telephone services and a little black magic we have built into the OnOffice Remote Box we can not only save you money on Telephone, Internet and Office Space but we can also allow you to collaborate and communicate with your customers better!

OnOffice Teleworking Explained

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Pressed by, James Webster | Head of Sales & Marketing