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Posted by on Jul 8, 2013 in OnNetworks, Teleworking, Ultra Fast Broadband

UPDATE: In November 2013 the Sales & Marketing Team shifted our own offices in The iCentre Level 1 / 50 Manner Street, Wellington. The data centre remains in TechnologyOne House in Victoria Street


Teleworking Extending the LAN Across the WAN! A quick update to all customers… as of the 4th of July 2013 James & Mat’s offices are located at Level 11 Simpl House, 40 Mercer Street, Wellington. We have to say a big thanks to our friends at Domainz Limited for helping with the new space, support and the brilliant view!

  • Installation services required… None!
  • Equipment costs… Under $300!
  • Downtime to required to set up equipment and establish the internet connection… 10 Minutes!
  • Performance over the wireless network… 27-30 mbps down & 8-10 mbps up!

So…. Mat and I are working now remotely. When we were looking for office space proximity to the data center was always a consideration (but not a deal breaker). By leveraging the power of our OnOffice teleworking solution we are able to connect back to our Company LAN & PBX located in the OnNetworks Operations Center at Layer 2. This means no VPN software installation or soft phones… our trusty CISCO handsets are ringing off the hook with enquiries as though we are sitting next to the rest of the team in the Operations Center.

We only really had one of hurdle to overcome in the shift which was getting connectivity to the space. Being an ISP in our own right we needed to demand a high performance access connection back to home base and here is how we solved the problem. Once we established our tenancy and found our fixed location we had a bit of luck… the buildings are visible to each other. By leveraging our OnAir Wireless Network we were able to broadcast a wireless shot from our array on the roof of the Operations Center towards the new office. By leveraging this part of the network we were able to control the security, performance and stability of the access connection.

 At the new office we positioned an antenna to receive the wireless shot and then connected the antenna via a cable to our OnOffice Remote box and switch (so we could use one OnOffice box. It was then time to plug in our computer equipment and phones. The great thing about the CSICO SPA303 phones is that they have dual ethernet ports, this meant we were able to run one cable from the OnOffice Remote to each phone and then a cable from the phone to our desktop machines.

By using the PoE feature of the phone we saved room on our power boards. By connecting one of our EnGenius Wireless AP’s to the switch we are able to work on any part of our floor using portable devices such as tablets & phones.

If you are in Wellington and would like to talk about reliable business internet and our teleworking solutions email sale@on.net.nz for a free consultation and site inspection.

Pressed by, James Webster | Head of Sales & Marketing