How do I create or change DNS records in OnHost?

Posted by on Jan 17, 2013 in Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The ‘Domain & FTP’ section allows you to update your domain & FTP Settings for your hosting plan. You can use the information on this page to upload files directly to your web hosting account via FTP & SSH.Creating a new record… under ‘DNS Records’ simply select the type of record you would like to create from the drop down menu and click ‘Create’For example If you have another site, lets say a Company Intranet that is linked to but is NOT hosted on the OnView plan you have purchased from us.

You can create a forth level domain e.g. and an A (Web) Record for You can use this tool to point your internal users there e.g. You would set up the sub domain to point to the IP Adress of your internal server and anyone with permissions would be able to access that Intranet.

*Note to set a record for you ROOT domain simply leave the ‘DNS Record’ field blank.

Editing a record… Go tot he ‘DNS Record’ section and it will show you a list of records that have already been created. If a record is underlined then you can simply click on that record to make changes to its configuration.


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