How do I create a secure ‘https’ URL from my website?

Posted by on Jan 17, 2013 in Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: You need to install an SSL Certificate. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, Your hosting plan has a socket or plug that allows you to install a Certificate that will encrypt / secure information that is submitted to your website. If you go to secure website with an SSL Certificate installed you will see a locked key in the URL. The OnHost SSL Certificates dashboard allows you to create requests for or upload certificates to your hosting plan.

Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)….. When you purchase a SSL or Digital Certificate the vendor will request that you provide them with a CSR which is a key used to identify your web hosting plan. If you are successful the vendor will send back the SSL Cert that has been digitally signed with a private key.To generate a CSR please complete all required fields you don’t need to supply a private key simply click generate. The system will display the Private Key & CSR on screen. Also note, you do not need to send the private key to your Certificate Vendor (it should remain private).

Uploading a Certificate…. In the Upload Section, you can install the Certificate that your Certificate Vendor has issued to you. Simply paste or upload the keys provided into the Certificate and Private Key fields and click Upload!Self Signed Certificates… This feature allows you to create a Self Signed Certificate that you can use if you are in the testing phase for the functionality of your application. However if a user browses your site, their browser will show an error saying that the ‘Certificate is not Valid.


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